We all have days when our emotions get the better of us, right?  Stress can make us irritable, a lack of sleep can make us lose concentration and energy or sometimes we might just feel unloved and underappreciated.  There are definitely days when I feel a range of unwanted emotions and could use some extra support. Lately, I’ve been fascinated with the power of essential oils to provide some of that.

Did you know that essential oils can have an effect on your emotions?

Most of us have heard of using Lavender oil to calm the mind.  And most of us find that it works!  Well, it turns out there is a science behind it.  And, there are a whole lot of other essential oils that can impact a vast array of emotions.Emotions are really just a chemical reaction taking place within the body. We primarily think of the brain as the centre for producing and processing emotions. But there is also a neural pathway between the heart and the brain.  Furthermore, 90% of the “feel-good” chemicals, such as serotonin, operating within the body are actually produced in the gut.  It makes sense doesn’t it?  We can feel emotion in our hearts and in the gut. It’s why we use expression like, “I feel like I was just punched in the gut”.Essential oils are made up of molecules that can interact with those pathways and chemicals in the body that are involved in emotional responses.  All we have to do is inhale them or rub them on the body, they’ll enter the blood stream and start their work.  There are 5 popular oils that you may even have in your home already that can have a positive effect on your emotions.

Here are my top 5 oils for emotional support:

  1. Lavender: I already mentioned this one but let’s go a little deeper. This one is known as the oil of communication.  It calms specifically the insecurities that are felt when one risks voicing their true thoughts.  Many of us have a fear of speaking publicly, being seen and heard, whether it’s on a stage in front of hundreds of people or around a boardroom table with a few colleagues at work.  We might even stifle our own voice when simply talking with a group of friends or family if we are afraid of what they might think of us. To maximize the emotional effect of Lavender, apply it topically on the throat area the next time you’ll be in a situation where you’ll need to share an opinion.lavender
  2. Lemon: this one is known for its cleansing properties.  I use it often for cleaning my home and for removing sticky residue from, well, pretty much anything.  But this oil has a lesser known use: for increasing focus.  It can help children concentrate at school. It can bring mental clarity to adults. This is a great one to diffuse in the morning before the family heads off to school and work.
  3. Wild Orange: another citrus oil known for its cleansing properties.  Some of you may also have noticed  how uplifting it is.  Orange oil can actually help to address a number of different emotional issues. The one I like the most is its effect on our abundance mindset.  It can help us let go of a scarcity mindset – the belief that there is not enough for everyone – and turn to enjoy and be grateful for all that we have.  Try a drop of this one each morning in a big glass of water to get your day started in the right mindset.  Cleanse and inhale abundance at the same time! (see cautionary note on internal use)
  4. Peppermint: this is one of the most popular oils as it has so many uses! It provides an instant non-stimulant pick-me-up that is so much better for your body than caffeine.  It also brings about mental clarity and can crush feelings of overwhelm with optimism and renewal.  You might like to diffuse this one together with Wild Orange as you and your family are getting ready for the day.  Or keep a bottle on your bedside table and inhale as you wake up.
  5. Rose: ahh Rose oil.  It’s so beautiful! There is a reason we associate roses with love. It is a healer of the heart and encourages us to feel the unconditional love and acceptance of the Divine. Rose oil is the highest frequency oil, and it can raise our own vibrations.  When we use it, we open our hearts to love, compassion and healing.  Use this one topically anytime you want to raise your vibes, feel loved and give love.
Opening up to the possibilities of emotional healing with essential oils will change your life.  You’ll start to feel shifts without knowing why. You may not even connect it back to the oils initially.  I invite you to choose one of these, use it consistently for a month and take notice of the changes you start to feel.Caution: essential oils should only be used internally with extreme care and responsibility.  Ensure that you are using a high quality oil that has been researched and tested by a third party.  I choose to use only doTERRA essential oils internally, as the brand I trust.  Buy here.
Sheri Johnson