Feel Better

emotionally and spiritually, after a pregnancy loss.

How many times have you felt that sunken feeling when someone announces their pregnancy?

 How often do you bite your tongue when someone tells you, “it happened for a reason”?

 How long have you been asking yourself why your body failed at the one thing every woman is supposed to be able to do?


You don’t have to keep waiting for time to take these feelings away.
You just need the right tools and process and you’ll start feeling relief in no time. 


grief after a loss with this easy meditation.


grief using this

PDF roadmap

From grief-stricken and alone to at peace with your loss and optimistic about the future

Hey there,

I’m Sheri. I understand what you’re going through. I had 3 miscarriages myself.  That’s why I spent the last 3 years honing my 4 step process that puts you on the fast track to true emotional and spiritual healing after a loss using meditation, mindset tools and essential oils. 

Women finish my programs feeling like themselves again and equipped with practices they’ll come back to for a lifetime.  

Completing the program gave me the courage and the tools I needed to help heal my heart and process my grief after our pregnancy loss 3 months ago. I am now able to start looking towards the future and feel more in control of my emotions and my life. I wouldn’t be as far along in my healing journey if it wasn’t for completing this program.