Awaken your self-worth as a childless woman in a world that tells you you’ll never be enough.

Working with mindfulness and spiritual coaching, I help woman who have become childless by circumstance to feel connected, understood and ready for their joyful, unconventional life.

Personalized Coaching

Book your free Find Joy in Childlessness coaching session for women who’ve become childless involuntarily.  During the session:

  • we’ll work together to create a clear vision of your beautiful future no matter what life throws your way
  • you’ll discover how to release all the annoying triggers so the insensitive comments will simply bounce off you

You’ll leave the session feeling empowered to face a world that is hyper-focused on motherhood.

Women of Worth Membership

Gather with other childless women in a monthly membership that will accelerate your healing from the loss of a dream.

Navigate your way to an unconventional life you absolutely love, guided by someone who has discovered the way to true joy.

Don’t wait for time to heal your wounds. Empower yourself now. 


Going through Sheri’s programme was an opportunity to process my pain by looking at it, taking care of it and loving it, as I would have done with my lost baby. However, the programme did not linger on the pain for too long and moved into finding ways for inspiration, healing and deep reflection. It is a timeless resource that I can come back over and over because it taps into so many life issues and has a deep spiritual dimension to it. Sheri’s supporting presence was so compassionate through it, I am deeply grateful for her wisdom.


Sheri Johnson