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On this week’s episode, my guest and I explore how to awaken worth from a spiritual standpoint.  Susan Mason-Apps is my guest today and she’s an extra special guest!

Susan is MY coach, healer, mentor and visionary.  She is the founder of the Magical Life Institute and the Inner Journey Alchemy process. I’ve been working with Susan for over a year now as I went through her process, and it was extraordinary.  It’s hard to put into words, really.  I think you’ll get a sense of what she does as we talk.  It felt like one of my coaching sessions with so many penny-drop moments!

Susan started her career as a Forensic Biologist and it was fascinating to hear more about that.  But for the last 20 years, she’s been offering healing and coaching services through various energetic healing modalities.

On this episode we really get into the spiritual side of self-worth and I can’t wait for you to hear it.  

Here are some of the highlights: 

4:00 – Susan’s background in forensic science and how it eventually led to her coaching career

8:25 – how she tied her value and worth to the happiness of the people around her.  How people pleasing is a survival strategy.  A way of managing our trauma but it takes away our power.  

19:45 – the moment Susan realized she was living as though she didn’t count.

24:16 – how on a soul level, we’ve all come to explore self-worth.  How we all have a different journey, but each is traumatic in some way.

29:01 – the idea that mothers are revered, Susan’s take on reverence and her view is that none of us are revered. No woman.   

31:47 – on a soul level we choose all of it.  Proving to ourselves that we are suffering. Comparing our suffering to others and the competition.

35:33 – everything happens for a reason – the journey our soul is taking us on

44:51 – one of Susan’s magical life principles.  It’s all perfect…somewhere. To have faith that it is perfect somewhere, it did happen for a reason, it’s just not my physical experience yet.

47:23 – we have to feel the pain before we can get to having faith.  When you’ve honoured what your heart is feeling, another inner knowing will show up. You need to break down before you can break through.

52:37  – what is Inner Journey Alchemy. The messages our bodies are telling us that we just need to begin listening. 

57:39 – access to beliefs and how they play a role in creating your body.  People who have self-worth issues often have digestive disfunction.   If you want to know what you believe – look at your body and the world symbolically. 

 60:04 – what is divine navigation.

Susan is both a Scientist and a deeply Spiritual being. As a Forensic Biologist, Susan saw many aspects of humanity that were deeply traumatizing. The stress of that world left her questioning how and why we live life the way we do. It also left her dealing with an auto-immune disorder, migraines and chronic pain. Eventually, the connection between how she felt physically, emotionally and mentally, and how she was living her life could not be ignored. She began a journey to discover who she was, what she wanted and how she had shut herself down, and finally realized that she was more than she had dreamed. She has approached her life as an experiment and learned how to step out of the status quo. Living into that for herself has now brought her to share with others who long to realize their True Selves.

 Susan began her study of energetic healing modalities in 1998, and is now a Quantum Biofeedback Specialist, Reiki Master, Crystal Therapist, Spiritual Health Coach and Certified Divine Navigation Coach. She has been offering healing and coaching services to clients since 2002.

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