Sometimes the trauma in our lives becomes something


Hey there…I’m Sheri.

I am a nutritionist, essential oil lover, and mindfulness coach.  I help women recover from grief and guilt after a miscarriage so they can feel confident and excited about their next steps.


In January of 2012 I was taking nutrition classes and beginning to live a more natural life. I wanted to avoid as much medication as I could, and that included birth control pills. Just two months after I stopped taking them, I got pregnant. We were surprised but excited.

Eleven weeks later, we lost our baby.  It was devastating and the process was wrought with complications.  After weeks of ultrasounds, drugs and western medicine, nothing was working. My last resort before conceding to a D and C was a naturopath who gave me an herbal remedy.  And it actually worked. I suddenly believed what I was being taught in my nutrition program. And that was empowering.

2 years went by before I got pregnant again. Nine weeks later, I miscarried. By this time, someone had introduced me to essential oils and I tried them. I had never realized before then, how powerful essential oils could be for bringing emotional relief and physical healing. I now had two natural alternatives in my tool belt.

Another year went by, another miscarriage. I hadn’t had a period in months. I felt as though I had tried everything. One day, I went for a hike in the quiet of the woods. That’s where I heard my inner voice say “that’s enough, stop the striving”. I decided to take a break from everything.

My period came the next day. I realized later, that in that moment, I had given up the control and left it in the hands of a greater power. That mindset shift affected my physical body. That’s when mindfulness coaching became the third tool in my belt.

Now, I use nutrition, essential oils and mindfulness coaching to help women heal physically, emotionally and spiritually after a miscarriage and prepare them for whatever is next.

I’m grateful for the experiences that I’ve had, as challenging as they were, because they lead me to create a life and business I love. And they lead me to you. If you’d like to explore how I can serve you best, book your free alignment call with me today.

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