Are you struggling to love your life again as you step onto the childless path?  Do you think it’s possible that it could be your own beliefs that are getting in the way?

My guest on this episode put me in the hotseat and demonstrated how my own beliefs were making me feel triggered and annoyed by my own family.

Lana Manikowski is a life coach, specializing in helping childless women rediscover their meaning and build a future they truly love.  She endured a 7 year journey through infertility, at the end of which she was presented with the realization that she could not have children.  Like many of us, she yearned to connect with a community of women and when she couldn’t find one, created Stitch Coaching.

In this episode, you’ll discover:

  • how your own beliefs about yourself, the people around you and the world may be holding you back 
  • what those beliefs might be making you feel and how they make you behave
  • how Lana’s coaching methodology can help you move forward

Here are some of the highlights: 

3:47 – Lana’s story with infertility, and the shame and stress that goes along with treatments

12:00 – The comparison and feelings of being left behind friends who had success on the infertility path

15:32 – Is it really a problem that others might feel pity for us?

18:04 – Why is having a child considered the golden ticket to happiness? 

25:26 – The sense that we are robbing our husbands of the opportunity to have children

32:43 – We fear seeking the healing process because it’s scary to let go of our grief 

 36:14 – The contrast between times of grief and what it’s like on the other side of it

40:23 – The BFA cycle – the type of coaching Lana does.  What you believe about yourself and how those beliefs are making you feel and behave in  a certain way

43:47  – My moment in the hotseat

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References from this episode:

Lana’s website: stitchcoaching.com

Lana’s free Guide to Loving Your Life Again

Find Lana  on Instagram: @stitchcoaching


Sheri Johnson