Worthy Project

We all struggle, at least a little, with self-worth.  We may not realize it (I didn’t) or call it that, but we have all felt undervalued at some point.   Meadow DeVor has created a formula for understanding self-worth and how to build it, and she lays it all out in her book, the Worthy Project.

On this episode, she shares:

  • how ending up in over 500K in debt while being a money coach led her to realize that underneath of that debt was a deep feeling of worthlessness
  • signs that your self-worth could use a boost
  • how to let go of the motherhood identity

There are so many gems in this episode.  We go deep on the whole motherhood journey, infertility, childlessness, and even the similarities between the mothers and the childless women. 

Here are some of the highlights: 

7:21 – Meadow’s story and what lead her to doing the work (crippling level of shame and unworthiness)

12:23 – How she took her work on money and looked at self-worth in the same way, spending less than she earned to build self-worth

15:32 – When you overvalue someone else and undervalue yourself that’s a worth problem

18:10 – Signs that your self-worth could use some work

25:08 – The concept of the true self versus the ideal image (true self vs mother identity)

28:36 – The belief that if we keep working hard at it, then we’ll get the baby we desire. Also, the belief that having the baby is going to bring you value.

34:44 – The belief that our bodies are broken.  

37:50 – The worthy cycle and worthless cycle, what is true and what is not true.

50:17 – The motherhood journey, no matter where you are on it, is all about surrender

59:46 – Meadow’s best piece of advice for childless women

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