owning your voice

Jobi Tyson is one of those women who knows how to rise.  She has a heartbreaking story of infertility that ultimately ended with a hysterectomy.  But she soon found healing and empowerment by owning her voice.

She started the Tutum Journal and witnessed women beginning by sharing their stories anonymously to now fully stepping into the spotlight without shame.  

On this episode, Jobi shares her own story with me plus:

  • how she found healing
  • how she got started with Tutum Global, a safe space for childless women to share their struggles
  • some of the top stories she’s come across while editing the Tutum Journal

Here are some of the highlights: 

2:85  – Jobi’s story with fibroids, hysterectomy and healing

11:00 – The emotional impact of hysterectomy

13:56 – The common feeling of being “less than” the mothers

16:58 – Jobi’s favourite affirmations 

18:37 – What growing up in the Baptist church mean for someone who’s childless adn the shame that came with it

22:15 – Empowerment for childless women and changing the narrative by #owning our voice

25:57  -Tutum Global, what it means and what it’s all about 

29:30 – Jobi shares two stories that really stood out in her career as creator and editor of Tutum Journal

35:55 – The vulnerability and power in sharing your story

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