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Civilla Morgan has been hosting the podcast, Childless, Not by Choice since 2015 and now it’s her turn to be the guest!  As an unmarried and childless woman, she has had a lot to overcome and she shares it all with me on this episode.

I’m always fascinated by stories of women who’ve found meaning in grief and Civilla definitely has.  Starting her podcast allowed her to put a voice to what she was feeling and it created the space she was seeking when she first started down the childless path.

Civilla now manages 2 different online communities, she’s written ebooks and does speaking engagements, all in the spirit of sharing how she was able to find joy and relevance in her life.

In our conversation, we get deeply personal about fibroids, hysterectomy, relationships lost and how faith can get you through it all. 

Here are some of the highlights: 

 7:00  – Civilla’s story with fibroids, a hysterectomy and how she ended up on the childless path.

11:00 – The importance of advocating for yourself and finding the right doctor for you

18:10 – You get to decide what you will do with your pain

23:40 – None of us is invincible. We all need support at some point, a therapist is a great way

24:30 – How Civilla started her podcast

34:10 – How she let go of finding a partner and how she generates self-worth 

39:17  – How she found healing through her faith

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