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I think there’s an assumption that everyone wants a child and ends up childless because she tried and couldn’t.  But that’s not true.

There are so many different paths that all end in childlessness (or maybe that’s the start of a new path?).  Many have arrived here through infertility or pregnancy loss.  But some haven’t found the right partner.  Some couldn’t afford to have a child on their own.  Or that simply wasn’t right for them.  There are so many reasons a woman ends up on the childless journey.

For Emily Robbins, it was a combination of circumstances. She met her husband late in her 30’s.  He had pain that left him debilitated and unable to get out of bed on some days.  They spent the first part of their marriage looking for solutions.

How do I bring a child into circumstances like that?  How will I manage most of the childcare on my own?  How will my husband feel when he can’t take care of his child?  These are just some of the questions Emily asked herself. 

On this episode, Emily and I have a raw and honest conversation about the challenges of having a husband who is not 100% physically healthy. 

I can relate to her story.  My husband has a spinal cord injury.  We asked ourselves a lot of the same questions.

Emily also reveals what has helped her to heal. She has several tools in her toolkit, but she dives in deep on essential oils (one of my fave topics!).

Here are some of the highlights:

  • 2:30 How Emily bought into the idea that if she did the right things, she would be “blessed” and yet wasn’t
  • 5:00 Emily shares the feelings of shame around not having children, and her belief that she wasn’t enough
  • 8:32 Her consideration of adoption in her early 30’s
  • 11:40 Living with someone who has autoimmune disease and how that affected them and their decisions around children
  • 13:58 Pregnancy loss, infertility and how Emily didn’t even try to have children
  • 20:49  The tools that help Emily to heal
  • 35:36 How our feelings are like a beachball

I’d love to hear from you! What’s one thing from this episode that resonated for you  struggle as a childless woman? Share in the comments!

More about Emily:

Emily is a youth minister and a lover of essential oils. She offers a free and generous gift to listeners that will help to open your heart to the healing power of essential oils.  

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