Did you know that detoxing your liver can help you balance your hormones?  Yes! The liver is responsible for processing excess hormones circulating in the body. So if you have a lot on your plate and you’re feeling some extra stress, it’s likely that your adrenal glands are busy making hormones. Lots of them. Cortisol is a key hormone that is released when you are stressed.  If you have constant elevated cortisol levels, your liver will have a lot of work to do remove the excess.  And if your liver is already overburdened with eliminating toxins it will not be able to easily manage your hormones.

So how do we start detoxing the liver?  Well one way is to do regular cleanses.  But cleansing can be a daunting concept for many.  It requires time, diligence, will power, a plan.  Instead, support your liver on a daily basis using these 5 easy steps.

5 Daily Hacks for Detoxing Your Liver and Supporting Hormone Balance

  1. Drink lots of water with lemon essential oil.  We’ve all heard that adding lemon juice to your water is a great way to start the day.  And it still is.  But I’m lazy.  Lemon juice is hard on the tooth enamel so it’s necessary to brush your teeth after drinking it. You also have to keep a steady supply of lemons in the fridge and cut them up each day.  I’m forever running out, and it just takes that little bit of extra time in the morning. I’d rather just keep a bottle of lemon essential oil on the counter by my water filter and put a drop in each time I fill up. 8 times, that is, for 8 glasses of water minimum.  (IMPORTANT: you must purchase very pure oils if you are going to use them internally.  Message me if you need a supplier.)lemons for detoxing
  2. Eat your greens.  Green leafy veggies are great for detoxing. I always have a big bunch of spring greens, kale, spinach or arugula in the crisper and add them to as many meals as I can: add a bunch of spinach or kale to a smoothie or some scrambled eggs in the morning, make a big salad for lunch or add some extra greens to a pot of any kind of soup, start your evening meal with a side salad or add in the tops of whatever vegetable you are cooking.  Beets, for example, are particularly detoxifying and I like to wilt the green tops to use as a leafy bed for the roasted root.  Carrot, turnip and radish tops can also all be eaten. There are so many options, it’s really not that tough to get a couple of cups of greens every day!detoxing greens
  3. Start your day with fresh fruit.  I always begin my day with a smoothie full of fresh or frozen fruit but if that’s not your thing, cut up fruit on Sundays and have fruit salad with your breakfast each day or add a handful of berries to your oatmeal or yogurt. Fruit has so many detoxifying nutrients and it’s also full of water, which helps to replenish the body after 8 hours of fasting.detoxing berries
  4. Take some detoxifying herbs.  Milk thistle, turmeric (curcumin) and dandelion are all wonderful for supporting the liver.  You can make them into teas or take a supplement form.
  5. Breathe.  I like to include a lifestyle hack in many of my how-to’s.  Simple habits that are easy to incorporate into your day.  In this case, taking some long deep breaths in and out can help to eliminate toxins from your system and ease the burden on your liver.  Deep breathing also helps to reduce cortisol as deep breathing tells your body that it can relax. That means less cortisol for your liver to process.  Set your alarm for a few times a day to remind yourself to pause and take 4 long, slow deep breaths in and out.  Your liver will thank you and your mind will too!

The link between your liver and hormone balance is a really important one that most people don’t realize exists.  Practice these daily hacks daily and get a few steps closer to feeling balanced.



Sheri Johnson