Morning Routine

Do you have a morning routine that you love?  I do.  But I didn’t always.

I used to stumble out of bed at the last minute, rush through a shower and grab breakfast and a coffee on the way to work.  I dove right into the middle of what everyone else wanted from me and barely spent a minute on myself.

Those days felt overwhelming, chaotic and I used them to avoid thinking about what I was going through – miscarriage and infertility.

After my first miscarriage, my husband and I got a puppy. And that’s when things started to shift for me.  He’s an Australian Shepherd – a very active dog.  So my mornings HAD to start with a hike with him.

And that started the evolution of my morning routine.

Now, I spend the first couple of hours of my day on me.  No email, early morning meetings or social media.  Just me.

It started my emotional healing, the acceptance of my childfree life and a practice of self-worth.

I’m giving you the behind the scenes look at all my morning rituals in this week’s episode.

Here are some of the highlights:

  • 3:15:  What happened when I implemented a morning routine that I love.
  • 5:15:  Why my morning routine actually starts the night before
  • 6:15:  The first step I take when I wake up and why it’s the most important thing I do
  • 10:45:  The 15 minutes that set up my entire day for peace and success
  • 13:46: How I sneak in a serving of vegetables first thing in the morning
  • 15:33:  Why you may not have felt a thing when you started taking supplements and why it’s important to
  • 18:46: How nature heals and why I also consider it to be part of my work day

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    Sheri Johnson