Are you someone who has been craving a good book that you can just fall into after going through a miscarriage?  Look no further.  Floating Under Water is a beautiful novel that introduces miscarriage as a central theme.

The main character, Paloma, is the one who experiences miscarriage and author, Tracy Shawn, does a beautiful job of portraying the range of emotions that a woman feels after a loss, from deep sadness to anger and inadequacy to regret.

Tracy also explores the many challenges that occur within  close relationships after a loss. I found myself resonating with many of the situations Paloma found herself in with her husband, family and friends.

Through her grief, Paloma embarks on an incredible spiritual journey that leads her through her own transformation, out of her own self-doubt and into her personal power.  It left me with hope that no matter what happens on a woman’s motherhood journey, she has the opportunity to transform her pain into something beautiful. 

In this episode, Tracy shares with us her own experiences with miscarriage and anxiety and how the book came together.  

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