Most of us struggle with loving our bodies on a normal day.  But after a miscarriage, loving your body again can be a whole new level of challenging.

It can feel like your body betrayed you.  It can feel like a cruel joke when your milk comes in after a loss, or you continue to feel nauseous when you know there’s no heartbeat.  And then there’s later, when you look in the mirror only to be reminded that you are no longer pregnant.

It can be tempting to hate your body.  To continue feeling betrayed by it.  To separate yourself from it.

But you know deep down that you need to make peace with it.  That it’s like cutting off your nose to spite your face when you don’t.  You know that it’s going to feel better when you accept your whole body again.

In today’s episode, you have an opportunity to join me in a guided visualization that will allow you to feel the love for your body again.  It can be much easier to feel a transformation when you listen to a guided meditation than it is to try to find your own peace.

So get comfortable, take some deep breaths and get ready to bring some love to your body again.

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Sheri Johnson