Are you someone who has been striving for her next pregnancy after a miscarriage and just haven’t been able to get there?  Yeah, I was there too.

And so was Stesha Reukauf. I had a chance to sit down with Stesha, a chemical engineer turned Holistic Health Coach, specializing in natural fertility.  She’s helped dozens of women uncover what’s been holding them back physically, emotionally and spiritually from getting pregnant.

In this episode, Stesha shares with us her own experiences with miscarriage, infertility and healing.  And I mean healing – to the point where, when she did get pregnant for the third time, she didn’t check for blood every time she went to the bathroom or take multiple pregnancy tests just to make sure the lines were getting darker.

She even sparked a penny drop moment of realization for me and my own healing journey, and I’m 9 years into mine!

This episode is filled with golden nuggets, including the three limiting beliefs that are keeping you from getting pregnant.

Here are some of the highlights (it was hard to choose as there are so many moments!):

  • 4:05: Stesha’s pivotal moment and its impact on how she views her physical body
  • 20:18 The first miscarriage
  • 24:15: The moment that sparked true emotional healing
  • 30:01: My own “aha” moment, 6 years after my last loss
  • 37:44 The moment of letting go
  • 45:50: The three limiting beliefs

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