In this episode, I interview Simone L’Abbé and she shares her story of infertility, pregnancy and loss. But more importantly, she talks of how she was able to accept her path and gain a sense of resilience while continuing to navigate her own fertility journey.

Most women stumble through grief after a miscarriage.  There are no rules for navigating the emotions you feel but it’s pretty common to try to push them away.  We’re taught from the time we’re children to avoid pain, both physical and emotional.  It’s a form of protection.

And yet, Simone discovered that feeling your emotions fully, both positive and negative, is healing.  Through her own grief journey, she created the Feel Fully process.  It helps women safely work through the range of emotions without resistance so that they can be released. 

Simone tells us about some of the key aspects of her process so you can begin to release as well. 

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Resilience Retreat – Dec. 7 – 11, 2020 (I’m participating on Dec. 8th at 7pm EST!)

Feel Fully Meditation Album

Fertility Self-Care Bundle

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website: feelfully.ca

Instagram: @feelfully.ca

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