In this episode, I sit down with Sabrina Fletcher who is going to tell us how we can fast track our emotional healing after a pregnancy loss.

She was faced with the most difficult decision of her life when she was told her 13 week fetus had life-threatening conditions.  Not only that, these conditions could also affect or even shut down her own organs.  She had a husband and a 4 year old little girl to think of too.

Sabrina felt she had little choice but to move forward with a medical termination, which in my books, comes with all the emotions of a pregnancy loss but with the added complications of guilt and the world’s judgment.

I know there are women out there who have had this kind of loss, but she was the first person I’ve met who’s had a termination for medical reasons (or TFMR).

Sabrina, like me, turned her grief into a service for other women going through something similar.  She’s a TFMR Doula and Pregnancy Loss Doula.   She helps moms and families who have gone through a medical termination of wanted pregnancies to process and integrate grief. 

Sabrina uses a few different tools to help women but we’ve honed in on one of them today. She’s melded together art and one of my favourite tools, journaling.

She shares with us, 3 of her favourite journal prompts and offered my listeners a free download with a bunch more.  I think you’ll find these exercises as insightful as I have.

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Eileen Miller quote: “Art can permeate the deepest parts of us where no words exist.”

Sheri Johnson