In this episode, I get some expert advice from Cassie Vesey-Wells, a trained counsellor with a practice focused on fertility, grief and loss.

She starts by sharing her own story and experience with 3 miscarriages, which I know you are going to resonate with.

Cassie then shares the simplest of simple strategies for emotional healing that have helped her and her clients.  These strategies are so easy, you’ll wonder why you haven’t been doing them already!

Highlights from this episode:

3:36  Cassie shares her own miscarriage story

10:27 We take a short detour to talk a bit about how Cassie’s miscarriages lead to a shift in her counselling practice

21:17 We hone in on the challenges that many women experience with their spouses during the grieving process

32.30 Cassie shares her first strategy for healing and the importance of a mind-body approach to healing

35:05 Here’s where Cassie shares her second strategy

37:36 Cassie’s last strategy for healing

References from this episode:

Sheri Johnson