Society tells us all kinds of things about how to cope with grief after a miscarriage. Most of them actually keep us stuck in grief instead of healing from it.

Even many years after a loss, most of us have not actually processed or healed from that loss because we’ve buried the pain.  Well, I don’t know about you, but I’d rather heal so that I can feel 100% moving forward!

For this episode, I sat down with Kirsten Frey, an expert on grief, to find out the top 6 myths that are keeping us from healing and how to bust through them.

Let me tell you, it was fascinating!  I learned so much!

Kirsten tells her story of loss and how she discovered many years later that she had buried her grief instead of healing from it. It was these 6 myths that kept her stuck in grief.

Here are some of the highlights:

4:30: Kirsten, herself, experienced 2 miscarriages as well as other types of loss.  Find out a little about her story and how she realized that she hadn’t fully healed from them, even 15 years later.

10:17: The different types of loss that we don’t often consider as a loss, and one worthy of grief

14:04: How the current pandemic can be considered a loss and exacerbates grief you might already be feeling

16:30: How you would know if you have unresolved grief (most of us do!)

24:32 Why most of us have unresolved grief

32:30 The top 6 common beliefs (myths) that keep us from moving forward

34:10 Why it’s so important to allow yourself to cry

48:00 When it takes more courage to allow your emotions to show then it takes to “be strong”. 

References from this episode:

Kirsten’s e-book: The Major Myths About Grief 

Where to find Kirsten:

My private Facebook group where we’ll be diving into each myth in more detail: Miscarriage – Love and Loss

Sheri Johnson