In this episode, I tell the story of my second miscarriage.  This one was tougher, in some ways, than the first.  Physically it was a bit easier as it happened entirely naturally.  I didn’t need a DnC or drugs to release this one.  But this one came with other complications, which you’ll hear about.

My second one was also very different from an emotional standpoint. This one was planned. I waited 2 years for this pregnancy, whereas the first one was a surprise and happened only 2 months after I went off birth control.  I think that made a difference. The wait. The dream. The hope. It all added up to more sadness.

I also learned a whole new set of lessons through this second miscarriage.  I learned about my expectations of others and how to manage them.  I learned about hope and how we protect ourselves from it.  I learned about some physical aspects of miscarriage and some defects that might cause them that I hadn’t known before.

Have a listen. I’m sure you’ll relate to my story in some way and you’ll come away feeling connected and comforted.

. Highlights:

  • 8:10: Find out what happened when the radiologist called me and said, “we think you might still be pregnant”
  • 16:08 Learn how strong the connection is between stress, fertility and miscarriage

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Sheri Johnson