Midlife Mala Bracelet


The high quality stones were chosen for their properties of love, fertility and comfort.

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If you’re struggling through irregular periods, hot flashes or any of the many symptoms of perimenopause, this one is for you.  Each “Midlife Mala” bracelet was hand-made with the intention of supporting its owner through her feminine cycles and seasons. The high quality stones were chosen for their properties of love, sexuality and comfort. Each mala is blessed with a reiki meditation to pass along loving energy to its owner.

· Garnet: A garnet stone can ignite the libido, detoxify the body and keeps you off the emotional rollercoaster
· Moonstone: Also known as the stone of new beginnings, Moonstone is full of feminine energy and powerfully affects the hormones and reproductive organs, bringing your body into your natural rhythm.
· Sandalwood: can benefit healing work by promoting a deeper relaxed state and increased spiritual energy. Sandalwood also relaxes the heart and throat chakras. You may also use sandalwood beads to diffuse your favourite essential oils by rubbing a drop or two into the sandalwood stones.


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