Welcome!  Start with this video first.

The Workshop and Workbook

 Below is a recording of the full workshop.  I recommend that you start by downloading the PDF workbook first  so you can follow along while watching the video.

I invite you to grab an essential oil (recommendations in the workbook), a cup of your favourite drink and settle in for some transformational work.

A few highlights if you’d like to go back to specific parts:

– 11:40 – why it’s critical that you heal from your triggers now

– 20:36 – the formula

– 26:05 – the journal prompts

– 51:30 – the meditation

– 01:06 – the affirmation

Download and print the workbook to follow along or for use on future triggers.  Or simply use a journal you love and answer the questions as you watch and listen.

Bonus Meditation

 This is an bonus meditation audio that is slightly different than the one in the workshop.  Try them both and choose the one you prefer!


Bonus: Quick Release Formula

 Here’s a formula you can use when you’re on the go and find yourself being triggered. You don’t have time to stop and journal and meditate, you just need a quick way to feel better in the moment.  Download it here and practice it.


Bonus: 50 Ways to Feel Better in Five

Download your PDF resource here.





Sheri Johnson