Journey to Joy After Miscarriage

4 Steps for Getting Through Grief After a Miscarriage

Have you recently had a miscarriage?
Are you feeling alone and misunderstood while trying to process the pain and grief of it all?
Are you already feeling fearful of trying again or struggling to decide what to do next?

If you answered yes to any of the above, this program is for you.

My story

I had my first miscarriage over 6 years ago and I remember how alone and lost I felt. How broken my body seemed. None of my friends or family had been through this. I had no support and no idea where to find it.

Today, after 2 more miscarriages, I learned how to heal myself. My body feels like a friend again. My hormones are balanced, my cycles regular. I don’t hide from pregnant women or new moms anymore. And best of all, I feel at peace with what has happened and excited when I think about what’s next for me.

I created Release the Emotional Pain of Miscarriage in 6 Weeks so that I can share what I learned with you.  Using a combination of essential oils, meditation and mindfulness, I will take you on a journey through 6 emotions and develop a set of practices that will support you now and all the way through your fertility path.


This program will help you:

+ Feel supported, relieved and understood

+ Talk about your experiences without breaking down in tears

+ Be comfortable around your pregnant friends again

+ Start dreaming and planning again for your future



Nurture Yourself

  • In the first week, you’ll be supported, nurtured, loved as you begin to heal from your miscarriage
  • Experience the emotional shift that Console Comforting essential oil blend can bring when used in conjunction with meditation and journaling



Forgive Yourself & Others

  • In week 2, you’ll feel the liberation that comes with letting go of any negative feelings you have toward yourself, your body and those around you who may not have known exactly what to say
  • Feel the relief that comes with guided meditation paired with the Forgive Renewing oil blend


Reassure Yourself

  • This week, you’ll find peace after the trauma of miscarriage, and trust in the timing of the Universe
  • Follow a guided meditation and journal exercise paired with Peace Reassuring oil blend to reassure yourself and  release the fear of it happening again


Encourage Yourself

  • In week 4, you’ll find the courage to take the next steps toward your dreams
  • A guided meditation and affirmations coupled with Motivation Encouraging blend will help you find the strength and motivation to keep moving forward


Inspire Yourself

  • This week, you’ll be inspired and ignite your passion again
  • A guided meditation and journal exercises will inspire you to love your body again
  • Passion Inspiring oil blend will promote physical hormone balance and inspire reconnection with your spouse


Uplift Yourself

  • In week 6, you will feel excited about what the future holds
  • Follow a guided meditation during which you’ll raise your vibrations and experience pure joy again
  • Cheer Uplifting blend will truly lift your spirits and allow you to feel excitement for the future

Each week you will receive:

  • A video from me explaining the topic of the week
  • A new guided meditation download that you can listen to as often as you like
  • A set of questions and journaling suggestions for creating positive emotional shifts
  • A selection of affirmations to help you change your mindset
  • An essential oil pairing that will support you physically and emotionally

I am beyond grateful I was introduced to Sheri and her program. Completing the program gave me the courage and the tools I needed to help heal my heart and process my grief after our pregnancy loss 3 months ago. I am now able to start looking towards the future and feel more in control of my emotions and my life. I wouldn’t be as far along in my healing journey if it wasn’t for completing this program.



$305 (Value of $510)


Emotional Aromatics Kit + Program

Includes everything you need to complete this program:

Emotional Aromatics Kit including a diffuser and 8 essential oils and blends ($350 retail value)

+ The complete 6-week online program ($97 value)

+ A one-on-one coaching call with me ($97 value)

+ An online private Facebook supportive community of like-minded women all having similar experiences


What if I have a doTERRA account already?
You can order the Emotional Aromatics kit on your own account and simply pay $97 for the program separately.

Is this therapy?
No. This program is not therapy, nor is it a replacement for therapy.  Please see a qualified doctor, psychotherapist or social worker if you are in need of more advanced support (in fact, I would encourage you to do this anyway).

Is this program for anyone who has lost a loved one?
This is a program that is specific to miscarriage and other types of pregnancy loss. It is not a general grief or general wellness program.

Can anyone join this program?
This is a program specific to those who have lost an unborn baby. It is intended to be an intimate program where women will feel safe and supported.

Sheri Johnson