Let go of grief and triggers so you can embrace your childFREE future with optimism.

Women of Worth

Group Immersion

The Joy Formula

is the most effective way to release grief and triggers so you can gain a sense of belonging, value and purpose in our mom-centric world.

Right now, you’re desperate to find peace with your path but…


+ no one has shown you how to respond to all the awkward questions and advice

+ you’re feeling alone and misunderstood and looking for genuine support and connection

+ you’re tired of feeling like you’re not as good as the moms

 waiting for things to “just get better” isn’t working and something needs to give

Learning to embrace life as a childless woman requires work. Avoiding it will leave you feeling stuck and online support groups just aren’t enough.

There’s a better way…

to embrace your path and love your life with tools and practices you’ll actually enjoy.


I’ve developed a self-paced program with group coaching and connection to help you become happier than ever.


“I have already seen a huge shift since joining WOW. I just congratulated my cousin on her pregnancy announcement and I felt genuine joy for her but also, I didn’t feel like she was better than me for being able to carry a pregnancy.  I still felt sadness but it wasn’t filled with the ressentment I used to feel. “


You will discover the TOOLS TO:

+ uncover exactly what’s making you feel undervalued and invisible next to the moms

+ identify obstacles to finding a true sense of belonging and “fitting in” no matter where you go

+ manage all your triggers and let go of grief so you can feel at peace with yourself and those around you

+ create your sense of purpose and legacy

  + finally be able to move forward and live the joyful life you deserve

Women of Worth is a self-paced online program plus gathering place for childless women that shows you how to truly value yourself in a society that conditions us to believe only mothers are worthy.


✔︎ you’re nervous to join a virtual gathering of women you’ve never met

✔︎ you came to be childless in a really unique way

✔︎ you’re already part of a free online support group or doing therapy/counselling



Let me ask you a question…

When is the last time you felt excitement about your future?

If you are:

• avoiding social events, social media or maybe even your mom-friends

• tired of crying in the bathroom after a pregnancy announcement

• struggling to stop taking the fertility supplements, or give away the baby gear you’ve been hanging onto (i.e. hope) 

Then the Women of Worth Group Immersion is PERFECT for you.


“I haven’t done my homework for this week yet. However just by signing up and being a part of this community I’m already feeling a positive shift emotionally. Is anyone else feeling this?  LIke I have grabbed the reigns and I’m taking back control ready to move forward.”

The Women of Worth Group Immersion is an 8 week program where you’ll learn:

✔︎ How to transition from grief to peace and acceptance

✔︎ How to find a true sense of self-worth, belonging and confidence

✔︎ How to re-imagine your life with purpose, excitement and joy

Why you need this now…

Keeping yourself busy and avoiding your triggers is not a strategy.


Distracting yourself or burying your grief means you never actually process it.  You will never feel like you belong anywhere except with other childless women.  If you search the online support groups, you’ll find 60+ yr old women who are still struggling, only now they’re triggered by their grandmother friends who can’t stop talking about their grandchildren. 

miscarriage story

Will this work for me?

The Women of Worth Group Immersion is designed for women who are struggling to embrace their childless lives. 

This is for:

 + women who are childless by circumstance (e.g. single, partner didn’t want children, medical reasons etc.)

+ childless women who tried to have children and it never happened

+ step-moms who don’t have children of their own and identify with childless women

Just 8 weeks from now, you could feel entirely different than you do today. 

And you’ll have these tools and practices for the rest of your life. 

Choice #1

Keep wasting time trying to figure it out on your own or waiting for time to make things better.

Choice #2

Join the program, follow the same steps

I took on my journey 

and witness your own incredible transformation.





  • Allow yourself to recover and process your grief so you can feel at peace with your path
  • Discover how to find your inner source of comfort so you don’t have to rely on others who can’t relate to how you feel
  • Experience the freedom that comes with forgiving yourself, your body and those who hurt you




  • Uncover the root cause of your specific triggers
  • Rebuild your identity as a childless woman and develop your self-acceptance and deep worth as you practice
  • Experience the ripple effect of your new level of confidence in all areas of your life  




  • Discover the unconscious ways you might be blocking your own joy
  • Learn to let go in order to create space for a new dream
  • Identify what your true self desires and learn to manifest it all
  • Re-imagine your future with purpose, joy and even a sense of legacy


Video/audio recordings that you can watch or listen to on your schedule

Bi-weekly  group coaching calls (replays available after)

Meditation audio downloads that you can listen to as often as you like

 Guidebooks including specific journal prompts for creating powerful emotional shifts

A selection of affirmations and mantras to help you change your mindset

Access to a community of childless women all looking for that sense of belonging

 bonuses expire soon…so hurry!


From Busy to Being Workshop (with Dr. Jennifer Reimer) ($500 value)

Discover how to feel more in control of your time and less pressure from your to-do list.  Create exactly the right amount of time to complete this program.


 Womb Healing Retreat ($300 value) 

Experience the transformative power of energetic womb healing.  We all carry emotion in our womb space and clearing that will change your life. 


The Trigger Release Formula Workshop ($250 value)

Find out how to release the anger, envy and irritation you feel when you’re triggered in a few easy steps. (recordings and PDFs)


Dream Memorial ($300)

Letting go of your dream to have children is foundational before you can move forward and embrace your childFREE life

(video, meditation, PDF guide)


Members-only Coaching Community ($250 value)

Get ready to REALLY feel a sense of community with women who know how you feel plus get ongoing coaching anytime and daily inspiration

You already know that your current strategy isn’t working so…what are you going to do about it?

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Women of Worth Group Immersion

Core Program Option

VIP Option

(5 Spots Available)
Four Core Training Modules ($2500 value)
Four Live group coaching sessions ($1500 value)
Womb Healing Retreat ($300 value)
Trigger Release Formula Workshop ($250 value)
Dream Memorial Retreat ($300)
Members-Only Community and Coaching ($500 value)
Four 1:1 coaching sessions with Sheri ($1800 value)

Intro Planning Session - Make the Most of WOW ($300 value)


$ 497


$ 1197

Do the work. Get results. Guaranteed.

I am confident that if you do the work in the program and implement what you learn, you will feel better.

That said, I don’t want unhappy customers and don’t want to force you to stay in a program that isn’t right for you. 

If you are not satisfied with the quality of content you may request a full refund within 8 weeks of purchase 

by emailing us at sheri@sherijohnson.ca 



One-Time Payment  


VIP One-Time Payment 


“I am beyond grateful I was introduced to Sheri and her program. Completing the program gave me the courage and the tools I needed to help heal my heart and process my grief after our pregnancy loss 3 months ago. I am now able to start looking towards the future and feel more in control of my emotions and my life. I wouldn’t be as far along in my healing journey if it wasn’t for completing this program”


My story

Back in 2018, I reached the end of the road. I had had 3 miscarriages in 3 years and then 2 more years of trying. I was 44.  It wasn’t gonna happen without a donor egg.

Soon after we decided to stop trying, my sister-in-law got pregnant. It was a real low point.  I was a minefield of triggers and I started to wonder if they would ever go away. 

And then something happened. I took some spiritual coaching programs and got certified as a Reiki master.  I wasn’t sure what drew me to these programs and didn’t think I’d ever use what I learned but I started using them on myself.

A few months later, I had a pivotal moment.  I went to my SIL’s baby shower and wasn’t triggered.  I held all the babies and listened to all the moms. That was when I knew I was on to something.

I started coaching childless women using my tools and saw better and better results.  These women were not just processing their grief, they were letting go of all the feelings of not belonging, of being inadequate and not measuring up. 

The best part? They were able to envision and manifest a vibrant and purposeful future. 

It was then that I decided to package up the framework I was using into a group format so more women could experience it.

I've tried mindfulness tools before, is this really that different?

Yes! We’ll use these tools in a targeted way that’s specific to the emotions and feelings unique to childlessness.  You’ll use your mindfulness tools in a way you’ve never done before.

What if I can't make the live calls and virtual retreats?

All of the group coaching calls and virtual retreats are recorded and saved in the member portal for you to watch or listen to anytime.  The home location of each new member will be assessed and calls will be set at times to accommodate the largest number of women over the course of the program.

What if I need more time to listen to the recordings and complete the lessons?

You’ll have lifetime access to the recordings and guidebooks. It’s also expected that you might need to come back to a particular module weeks or even years later. These are tools for life and you have access to them for life, even when we make enhancements to the program.

How is this immersion different than a support group?

Many support groups offer a forum for venting, sharing and asking questions.  Women most often leave feeling somewhat comforted by the idea that they are not alone, but they are rarely guided to take the appropriate action toward healing so that comfort quickly dissipates and they never fully heal emotionally. In this group immersion, you will actively work on releasing your emotional triggers and building your self-worth so you experience consistent progress and sustained wellness.

What if my situation is unique?

The framework that we teach in this immersion has worked for a wide range of women in various scenarios and there’s rarely a situation that at least one other participant hasn’t experienced.  The coaching calls with me are a great opportunity to dig into your specific questions and individual issues.

What if I don't really feel that sad anymore, is this program for me?

This group immersion covers the range of emotions that are associated with childlessness, not just sadness.  There’s anger, disappointment, irritation, guilt, blame and many others. You may not feel sad, but any of these other emotions can surface in response to a trigger.  The program is designed to address the full range of emotions you might feel on the childless path.

Can't I just figure this out on my own?

If I’m perfectly honest…no.  Grief does not heal itself.  And I’ve watched many women in online support groups who are still complaining of triggers in their 60’s.  Embracing a childless life requires taking some action. This group immersion uses a system – a set of specific tools and practices in a unique way – that will get results now and you’ll find yourself coming back to them over and over.

What's your refund policy?

I don’t want unhappy customers and I’m not going to force you to keep a program that isn’t right for you.  If you find that you’re not satisfied with the quality of the content, or for any other reason you’re not happy, simply email sheri@sherijohnson.ca for a full refund within 8 weeks of your purchase (that’s the entire length of the program). 

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