Trigger Release


Imagine how it would feel to be genuinely happy for your pregnant friend.

A mini-program for women who are experiencing infertility or childlessness and just want all the triggers to go away without trying to get the entire world to stop saying the wrong things.

Right now, you’re desperate to make the triggers go away but…


+ you’ve been taught that in order to get triggers to stop, everyone around you needs to stop saying the wrong things

+ it seems that as soon as you educate one person on what not to say, another one crops up

+ you’re tired of feeling angry and hurt by your friends and family (and sometimes perfect strangers!)

 waiting for your triggers to just go away isn’t working and something needs to give

I’ll let you in on a little secret…having a baby in your arms doesn’t make your triggers go away.  They keep coming, just in a different form. 

There’s a better way…

to navigate through your triggers with a really simple practice that you can actually use for ANY hot button.


I’ve developed a 2 hour mini-program that uses meditation, journal writing, essential oils, and more, to help you release any trigger that’s been bugging you. You’ll use it over and over again!


You will learn:

+ why it’s a mistake to blame those around you for triggering you (don’t worry, I did it too!)

+ why it’s crucial to heal now instead of hoping your triggers will magically dissolve

+ the 3-step formula for healing your soul so you can feel happy for the next friend who announces  

Will this work for me?

The Trigger Release Formula is designed for women who’ve experienced infertility or childlessness by circumstance. 

Participants include women who:

+ are on a challenging fertility journey

+ are at the end of the motherhood road and trying to come to terms with the childless path 

+ have been living as a childless woman for some time but still feeling triggered 

A couple of hours from now, you could feel entirely different than you do right now. 

And you’ll have these tools and practices for the rest of your life. 


Video workshop recording outlining the formula and practices

Meditation audio for releasing triggers as often as you need to

PDF Workbook with journal prompts, essential oil pairings and more 


 bonuses expire soon…so hurry!


The Quick Release Formula

($50 value)

A guide to releasing when you’re in the moment and don’t have time to stop and practice the formula


Live Zoom Q&A Call

($100 value)

Gather together with women who’ve been through it too.  Get all your questions answered. 


Feel Better in Five Resource

($100 value)

50 different ways to feel better in 5 minutes flat.

You already know that asking others to stop triggering you is like playing a game of whac-a-mole…so what are you going to do about it?




Do the work. Get results. Guaranteed.

I am confident that if you do the work in the program and implement what you learn, you will feel better.

If you do the work, and you are not 100% satisfied, you may request a full refund by emailing sheri@sherijohnson.ca within 1 WEEK of purchase.

This program is ONLY for those who are 100% committed to giving it their best shot.


My story

I’ve had three miscarriages.  A few months after my third, I was focused on getting pregnant again.  I had been to therapy.  I thought I had healed. I thought I was feeling pretty good.

Boy, was I wrong.

The unprocessed grief of those miscarriages piled up and I hit a pivotal moment in May of 2017.  I fell right back into the thick of grief and realized I had a long way to go.

I turned back to meditation, journal writing, essential oils but used specific, targeted exercises for different emotions.  And I began to feel better.  Not just about my losses, but my entire life changed.

I felt better than I ever had before.

Now, I am a new person.  My husband and I are back on the same page and I’m excited about our future. I will never forget my angel babies or how it felt to lose them but I feel at peace with my childless life.

Since that fateful day in 2017, I’ve developed a quick but effective formula for releasing all the pain and triggers and it’s available to you now. 

I've tried mindfulness tools before, is this really that different?

Yes! There’s a specific order to the program and targeted journal exercises for the triggers that are unique to  infertility, pregnancy loss and childlessness.  You’ll use your mindfulness tools in a way you’ve never done before.

What if I can't make the live call?

The group Q&A call will be recorded and saved in the member portal for you to listen to anytime.

What if I need more time to complete the program?

You’ll have lifetime access to the program and many women need to spend more than a few hours.  It’s also expected that you might need to come back to it even months or years later. These are tools for life.

What if my situation is unique?

This program has worked for a wide range of triggers and there’s rarely a situation that at least one other participant hasn’t experienced.  The bonus Q&A with me is a great opportunity to dig into your specific questions and individual issues.

What if I'm now pregnant again (after a loss or infertility)?

Amazing! You will feel so much more at ease for the remainder of your pregnancy when you complete this mini-program.

Can't I just figure this out on my own?

If I’m perfectly honest…no.  Triggers do not heal themselves.  It requires taking some action. This program uses a formula – a set of specific tools and practices in a unique way – that will get results now and you’ll find yourself coming back to them over and over.

What's your refund policy?

This program is for women who are willing to do the work.  If you do the work and don’t get results, that’s on me and I’ll make it right and refund your payment when you contact me within 1 week of purchase. If you don’t do the work, that’s on you.

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