Women of Worth

Monthly Membership

Awaken your sense of self worth

For struggling childless women who want to feel a sense of belonging, value and purpose in a kid-centric world, without spending a lot of time and money.


Right now, you’re desperate to find your place in the world but…


+ no one taught you how to navigate this path

+ you’re feeling alone and misunderstood and looking for genuine support

+ you’re tired of feeling sad, triggered and lost

 waiting for things to “just get better” isn’t working and something needs to give

Learning to embrace life no matter what happens requires work and avoiding it or joining a free online group you will leave you feeling frustrated and stuck.

There’s a better way…

to embrace your path and love your life with tools and practices you’ll actually enjoy.


I’ve developed a monthly virtual retreat and membership program that uses meditation, journal writing, essential oils, and more, to help you become happier than ever.



+ uncover exactly what’s making you feel unworthy and undervalued next to your mom-friends

+ identify obstacles to finding a true sense of belonging and “fitting in”

+ manage all your triggers so you can feel at peace with yourself and those around you

+ create your sense of purpose and legacy

  + finally be able to move forward and live the joyful life you deserve no matter what happens

Women of Worth is a live monthly virtual retreat and gathering place for childless women that teaches you how to truly value yourself even if you never get the family you envisioned.


✔︎ you’ve tried meditation before and you can’t shut off your mind

✔︎ you believe you don’t have time for journal writing 

✔︎ you’re nervous to join a virtual gathering of women you’ve never met

✔︎ you came to be childless in a really unique way

✔︎ you’re already part of a free online support group or doing therapy/counselling



Let me ask you a question…

When is the last time you felt excitement about your                future?

If you are:

worn out thinking about your lost dream and what your future is going to look like without children

tired of all the well-meaning but unhelpful words, questions and advice

struggling to feel adequate in the presence of mothers and children

Then the Women of Worth Membership is PERFECT for you.


“I am beyond grateful I was introduced to Sheri and her program. Completing the program gave me the courage and the tools I needed to help heal my heart and process my grief after our pregnancy loss 3 months ago. I am now able to start looking towards the future and feel more in control of my emotions and my life. I wouldn’t be as far along in my healing journey if it wasn’t for completing this program”


Will this work for me?

The Women of Worth Membership is designed for women who are struggling to embrace their childless lives. 

Participants include women who:

+ are childless after trying every solution under the sun to have children

+ step-moms who don’t have children of their own and identify with childless women

+ women who are childless by circumstance (e.g. single, partner didn’t want children)

Just one month from now, you could feel entirely different than you do today. 

And you’ll have these tools and practices for the rest of your life. 

The Women of Worth Membership is a monthly program where you’ll learn:

✔︎ How to set boundaries that keep you from doing the things that bring you down

✔︎ How to empower yourself to heal instead of suffering

✔︎ How to find a true sense of self-worth, belonging and purpose

Time for some tough love…

Keeping yourself busy and being “strong” is not a strategy.


My coaching clients feel at peace with their childless circumstances and optimism about the future.  But that only happened as a result of doing the work.  Before that, they suffered through months of triggers, unpredictable emotion and a lack of support because they didn’t have a process to follow.

miscarriage story

Choice #1

Keep wasting time trying to figure it out on your own or waiting for time to make things better.

Choice #2

Join the membership, follow the same steps

I took on my journey 

and witness your own incredible rising.





  • discover the ways you’re blocking your own joy
  • explore a new theme each month through a video overview
  • identify triggers and suppressed emotions through specific journal prompts
  • choose from affirmations that shift the limiting beliefs keeping you stuck




  • Release negative emotions so you can feel free
  • Develop your self-acceptance and deep worth as you practice
  • Experience the physical, emotional and spiritual transformation that occurs with small acts of self-love




  • Feel the connection that comes with gathering with other women who know exactly how you feel
  • Experience the power of group meditations, oracle card pulls, hear from guest speakers and more
  • Discover the emotional relief that comes with sharing your voice and hearing other’s ah-ha moments


Video recordings from me explaining the monthly theme

Meditation audio downloads that you can listen to as often as you like

 Monthly guidebooks including specific journal prompts for creating positive emotional shifts

A selection of affirmations and mantras to help you change your mindset

Access to a community of childless women all looking for that sense of belonging

Access to the full library of recordings, meditations and guidebooks from past months

plus more! (keep scrolling)

 bonuses expire soon…so hurry!


Monthly live group coaching sessions ($500 value)

Get deep insights and light bulb moments during Q&A sessions with me.


 Womb Healing Retreat ($250 value) 

Experience the transformative power of energetic womb healing.  We all carry emotion in our womb space and clearing that will change your life. (recordings)  


The Trigger Release Formula Workshop ($250 value)

Find out how to release the anger, envy and irritation you feel when you’re triggered in a few easy steps. (recordings and PDFs)


Dream Memorial ($500)

Letting go of your dream to have children is foundational before you can move forward and embrace your childFREE life

(video, meditation, PDF guide)


Members-only Community ($300 value)

Get ready to REALLY feel a sense of community, get ongoing coaching anytime, plus daily inspiration

You already know that your current strategy isn’t working so…what are you going to do about it?

Monthly Payments  

  • Monthly virtual retreat
  • Meditations
  • Journal workbooks and affirmations
  • Monthly group coaching session
  • Access to two bonus workshops and starter kit
  • 24/7 access to the private program community


Annual Payment 

  • Everything in Monthly package
  •  Rising Through Loss Inspiration Card Deck         (for women who’ve lost the dream of having a child)



($19.75 per month)

Do the work. Get results. Guaranteed.

I am confident that if you do the work in the program and implement what you learn, you will feel better.

If you do the work, and you are not 100% satisfied, you may cancel your monthly membership at anytime. 

 If you have paid the annual fee, you may request a refund for remaining months by emailing sheri@sherijohnson.ca 

This program is ONLY for those who are 100% committed to giving it their best shot.



Monthly Payments  

  • Monthly virtual retreat
  • Meditations
  • Journal workbooks and affirmations
  • Monthly group coaching session
  • Access to two bonus workshops and starter kit
  • 24/7 access to the private program community


Annual Payment (save $70)

  • Everything in Monthly package
  • Your own Rising Through Loss Inspiration Card Deck (a deck I created for women who’ve lost a baby or the dream of having one) 



My story

My start on the childless path was a rocky one. I had three miscarriages and long periods of trying in between. Each time I got pregnant, I thought it would be the end of my triggers.  I assumed that when I had my baby in my arms, I’d fit in.  I’d know where I belong.  I’d be a mom.

I was so wrong.

I didn’t ever get to hold my baby in my arms, which meant I had to figure out how I was going to belong in this world that celebrates mothers on my own. 

I turned to meditation, journal writing, and other spiritual tools.  And I started to see a shift.  I began to feel better.  Not just about my losses, but my entire life changed.

In fact, I felt better than I ever had before.  I had discovered a formula that allowed me to release all the triggers, all the self-doubt and feelings of lack.  I shed everything and exposed the confident, worthy, empowered woman underneath.

I want that for you too.

I've tried mindfulness tools before, is this really that different?

Yes! We’ll use these tools in a targeted way that’s specific to the emotions and feelings unique to childlessness.  You’ll use your mindfulness tools in a way you’ve never done before.

What if I can't make the live calls and virtual retreats?

All of the group coaching calls and virtual retreats are recorded and saved in the member portal for you to listen to anytime.

What if I need more time to listen to the recordings and complete the monthly guidebooks?

You’ll have lifetime access to each month’s recordings and guidebooks. It’s also expected that you might need to come back to a particular month weeks or even years later. These are tools for life and you have access to them for life.

How is this membership different than a support group?

Many support groups offer a forum for venting, sharing and asking questions.  Women most often leave feeling somewhat comforted by the idea that they are not alone, but they have not taken any action toward healing so that comfort quickly dissipates and they never actually heal emotionally. In this membership program, you will actively work on releasing your emotional triggers and building your self-worth so you experience consistent progress and sustained wellness.

What if my situation is unique?

The formula I teach in this membership program has worked for a wide range of women in various scenarios and there’s rarely a situation that at least one other participant hasn’t experienced.  The coaching calls with me are a great opportunity to dig into your specific questions and individual issues.

What if I don't really feel that sad anymore, is this program for me?

This program covers the range of emotions that are associated with childlessness, not just sadness.  There’s anger, disappointment, irritation, guilt, blame and many others. You may not feel sad, but any of these other emotions can surface in response to a trigger.  The program is designed to address the full range of emotions you might feel on the childless path.

Can't I just figure this out on my own?

If I’m perfectly honest…no.  Grief does not heal itself.  And I’ve watched many women in online support groups who are still complaining of triggers in their 60’s.  Embracing a childless life requires taking some action. This membership uses a system – a set of specific tools and practices in a unique way – that will get results now and you’ll find yourself coming back to them over and over.

What's your refund policy?

This program is for women who are willing to do the work.  If you do the work and don’t get results, that’s on me and I’ll make it right.  If you don’t do the work, that’s on you.  View our full refund policy here.

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