Awakening childless women

to their worth in a world that makes them feel inadequate.

How many times have you felt that sunken feeling when someone announces their pregnancy?


How often do you bite your tongue when someone tells you, “you can borrow my kids anytime”?


How long have you been feeling inadequate and excluded?

You don’t have to keep waiting for time to take these feelings away.


You just need the right tools, a simple process and a guide who understands exactly how you feel.


grief after a loss with this easy meditation.


all the triggers after a pregnancy loss

From grief-stricken and alone to at peace with your loss and optimistic about the future

Hey there,

I’m Sheri. I understand what you’re going through. I had 3 miscarriages and 6 years of infertility.  And then I hit the end of the road at age 45.  Now what?

 I spent the last 3 years honing my 3 step process that inspires childless women to live joyful, unconventional lives of fullness instead of lack.  To be women of worth instead of inadequate. 

Women finish coaching sessions with me feeling like empowered and equipped with practices they’ll come back to for a lifetime.  

Completing the program gave me the courage and the tools I needed to help heal my heart and process my grief after our pregnancy loss 3 months ago. I am now able to start looking towards the future and feel more in control of my emotions and my life. I wouldn’t be as far along in my healing journey if it wasn’t for completing this program.


start your journey to becoming a

 Woman of Worth

online monthly membership 

Begin feeling a sense of belonging immediately

woman buying online 4 Step Journey program

1. Subscribe

Once you’ve paid for your first month, you get immediate access to the first month’s video and audio plus downloadable workbooks and bonuses.

woman journaling in 4 Step Journey online program

2. Learn the healing process

Gather for the virtual retreats, listen to the meditations, do the journal exercises, and lean on me and your fellow members for genuine support. 

woman walking in the woods

3.  Feel happy and at peace

Feel included and understood. Release pain, resentment and guilt. Notice how your relationships improve and triggers magically disappear.

Sheri Johnson