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Katie Maynard is a licensed psychotherapist who has had her own experience with infertility and now childlessness.   She’s a therapist who “gets it” when it comes to the unique grief and challenges we face as childless women.  What a gift as a client when seeking help, to speak with someone who understands.

In our conversation, Katie shares with us:

  • the empowerment that is available to us as childless or childfree women
  • the most common issues presented in her clinical practice (e.g. how to make the decision to stop trying)
  • the benefits of finding a therapist who understands and how to find one

Katie now offers a triad of services: working with individual clients, supporting the clinical growth of other therapists, and creating change in the mental health community around the lack of training and competence with childless clients.

Here are some of the highlights: 

3:14 – Katie’s path to childlessness

7:59 – her experience as a psychotherapist working with childless clients

11:57  – the empowerment available for both childless and childfree women

 15:09 – the most common issues presented in her clinical practice – for example, how to make the decision to stop trying, grief and the loss of opportunity or chance to even try

21:00 – how the issues that are presented in Katie’s practice relate back to the pronatalist forces in society

24:31 – there will be misunderstandings on both parts in a therapist or coach’s relationship with their clients 

27:10  – the benefits of finding a therapist who understands the issues faced by childless women

38:32 – the idea of the choice along the childless route 

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References from this episode:

Katie’s website: www.katiemaynard.com

Katie’s Instagram account: @childlessnessintheroom

Her free gift: Finding a Therapist Who Gets It (if you are childfree by choice, childless not by choice, or any
of the many combinations that bring us here)

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