Many childless women have spent so many years thinking about their body and yet disconnecting from it. They feel a deep inner shame and mistrust of their bodies and are unable to show themselves compassion as a result.   This episode is all about embodiment, coming home to your body.

Sarah Jane Smith used her embodiment practices to re-establish that trust with her own body after many years of infertility and ultimately a hysterectomy.  She had to have compassion for herself as she re-established what she could do with her body and how she identified with it.

In this episode,  you’ll discover:

  • how to reverse the desire to push for performance and how that relates to fertility and the desire to be a mother
  • how to use movement to reconnect with your body and allow it to show you what it needs
  • why it’s so important to meet yourself with kindness and compassion

Here are some of the highlights: 

3:45  – Sarah Jane’s story, 10 years of fibroids and ultimately a hysterectomy

9:07 – The feeling of failure with every period yet continuing to try and the perceived judgment of not doing fertility treatments

13:55 – How Sarah Jane began to heal

16:12 – Intentionally focusing on healing after her hysterectomy, asking “who am I now, what can my body do?”

17:23 – The beginning of her embodiment journey and what embodiment is

21:22 – How Sarah Jane teaches embodiment

26:46 – Using performance as a measure of self-worth and how it relates to the fertility journey

30:29  – The pieces of the embodiment practice: yoga, movement, writing, sharing (and the importance of sharing)

32:18 – The challenge of having self-compassion and how to meet yourself with kindness

38:40 – How embodiment coaching helps to re-establish trust with the body

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References from this episode:

Sarah Jane’s free gift: A Childless Woman’s Guide to Re-establishing Trust and Connection With Your Body

Find Sarah Jane on Instagram @embodiedpossibility

Sarah Jane’s website: embodiedpossibility.com

Quote reference: Pema Chödrön

Sheri Johnson