We all have stuff that’s not serving us right? Old habits, clutter around the house, negative thought patterns, anger towards someone, guilt or even anger towards yourself. The beginning of the New Year is a wonderful time for reflecting on the year before and releasing what might be holding you back.

Now you first must determine what it is that is not serving you.  To do this, you can sit in quiet and stillness for a few minutes to clear your mind, ask your intuition to show you what’s holding you back and allow the thoughts to come up.  Even better, after you’ve spent some quiet time, get out a journal or a piece of paper and free write.  Write about what you might be feeling and to whom you might be feeling it towards.  Writing can help you figure out what the underlying emotion is.  Let it all flow onto the page.releasing

Once you know what you need to release, how do you release it?  There are a few things that I like to do.  But before I get to that, I have discovered that using essential oils can accelerate the release process.  It is well known that essential oils have an effect on emotions.  In fact, the chemical compounds in oils cause all kinds of beneficial reactions in the brain and the body.  So why not use them to help you change your thoughts?

Here are my top 5 essential oils for releasing what’s not serving you:

  1. Hawaiian Sandalwood: this oil has a soft, woodsy scent that calms and quiets the mind so you can listen to your intuition.  It’s an oil to use to help you identify what you might need to release.  It has historically been used in meditation for exactly this purpose – connecting you to your inner guide and heightening spiritual awareness. Sandalwood is lovely in the diffuser on its own or with Lavender or Frankincense.  You could also use it topically on the back of the neck or wrists.
  2. Lemongrass: this is one of my favourite oils for its fresh, uplifting scent.  It’s also a super-cleansing oil that helps you get rid of toxic, negative energy.  Lemongrass can help you clear the clutter in your home and release the hold that material belongings have on you. It’s wonderful in a diffuser or a dab on the inside of elbows and wrists if you’d like it a little closer to you.
  3. Siberian or White Fir: if you like the smell of Christmas trees, you’ll love the Fir oils.  They smell like walking through a forest of evergreen trees.  These are the best oils for helping you to break negative patterns, whether its negative thought patterns, old habits, even relationships.  White and Siberian Fir oils blend well with Sandalwood so you might try the two in the diffuser or on your wrists.
  4.  Black Pepper: this one is great for breaking addictions. It doesn’t matter whether the addiction is smoking, drugs, nail-biting, sugar, or an addiction to your phone and/or social media.  Black Pepper needs a partner in the diffuser and it pairs well with Juniper Berry (a great oil for releasing fear), or you can put a drop under your tongue and inhale (see cautionary note below for internal use).
  5. Thyme: If it’s anger, a grudge or guilt that you need to release,Thyme is the oil for you.  Anger is an emotional reaction that can serve a purpose initially, however, if you hold on to it, it can slowly sap your energy and your happiness. Thyme is the oil to help you forgive, whether its someone else or yourself.  This is one that has a fairly pungent, herbal scent and might be best used topically on the soles of your feet.

Once you have an oil in the diffuser or on your wrists, take a minute to centre yourself.  Breathe in a few deep cleansing breaths.  Gather together everything you want to release in your mind.  Then, either write your thoughts down on a piece of paper and shred or burn that piece of paper.  Imagine yourself releasing as you do it.  Another alternative would be to stay in stillness with your eyes closed and imagine what you want to release collecting in a box in front of you, or in a ball of energy.  Then release that ball of energy into the universe or hand your box over to your angels.release

This process will be very personal and each of you will be attracted to a different essential oil and a different method for releasing.  It’s most important to do what feels good for you.  You can go through this process anytime you feel the need.  If you’re stuck trying to figure out what’s not serving you or you’d like to explore different essential oils for supporting you, I’d be honoured to work with you.  Schedule your complimentary exploratory consultation with me here.

Caution: essential oils should only be used internally with extreme care and responsibility.  Ensure that you are using a high quality oil that has been researched and tested by a third party.  I choose to use only doTERRA essential oils internally, as the brand I trust.  Buy here

Sheri Johnson